With SmartShield, simply click the “restore” button when prompted and all unwanted changes are gone, including ransomware.

It’s that easy. It’s that reliable. It’s that smart.

SmartShield Enterprise

For over 20 years, SmartShield’s patented technology has kept PCs safe from cyber attacks, malware, and ransomware in professional institutions such as schools, banking, government, and healthcare. See how SmartShield Enterprise can keep your workstations running smoothly and safely.

30-Day Free Trial

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SmartShield Enterprise Box - Anti-Ransomware Anti-Malware Solution
SmartShield Home Box - Anti-Ransomware Anti-Malware Solution for Home users

SmartShield Home

Now the same reliable and patented protection that has served businesses for over 20 years is available to protect your home PC from viruses and ransomware. With a 100% guarantee, this is the ultimate in worry-free protection.

30-Day Free Trial

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Powerful Security Features

Screen View

Ability to view a group of clients or enlarge to view one client with as little as a one second delay.

Energy Saver

Gives network administrators the power to quickly and efficiently manage all aspects of their workstation energy usage.

Ransomware Protection

Your files will no longer be held hostage by nasty ransomware viruses.

SmartShield Computer Protection


V-Control makes it possible to view and interact with a SmartShield® client from the SmartControl Resource Manager.


Optional Directory Protection allows the user to save data to a specified directory or folder while maintaining protection throughout the system

Patented Technology

Millions of Satisfied Users. Cannot be defeated by new viruses!