SmartShield Enterprise

SmartShield™ endpoint protection creates a virtual space where all unwanted changes, including malware and ransomware, are wiped away upon reboot, freeing the user to perform daily tasks without compromising the integrity of the system. Whether managing computers in a school, library, corporate, government, healthcare, banking, or home environment, SmartShield™ will provide the ultimate security for your user workstations and protection against system breaches.

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SmartShield Enterprise Box - Anti-Ransomware Anti-Malware Solution

Customize how you run your organization, save time, money, and resources by automating mundane IT chores. Many of your daily responsibilities and troubleshooting can now be handled from a remote location or even scheduled to run on their own.


  • Ability to view a group of clients or enlarge to view one client with as little as a one second delay.
  • Arrange and view student screens in real-time from the ScreenView Teacher Station.
  • Custom thumbnail arrangement allows teachers to organize their screens to match classroom layout.
  • Initiate chat sessions with individual students or groups of students.
  • Start applications and websites to guide the user through course work or training.
  • Control keyboard/mouse blocking with custom messages, block specific USB devices from accessing the workstation (i.e. allow USB storage drives but block mp3 players), manage power with shutdown, restart or Wake-On-Lan.
  • V-Control makes it possible to view and interact with a SmartShield™ client from the SmartControl Resource Manager.

  • Take control of the keyboard and mouse from a remote machine. Allow the user to share control, or, block the user’s input as you make changes or provide assistance.


Energy Saver

  • Every night organizations around the country fail to completely power down their workstations. Over the course of a year, this unnecessary use of energy can amount to thousands of dollars in wasted energy. Energy Saver gives network administrators the power to quickly and efficiently manage all aspects of their workstation energy usage. Combining the ability to automatically power down idle workstations with advanced tracking and reporting, Energy Saver is the perfect tool for tracking, documenting and managing your workstation energy consumption.
  • Create custom energy profiles for different hardware configurations on your network to ensure accurate reporting. Track energy and cost savings over any period of time using the reporting window and then export them to .csv for utility rebates or other usage.
  • As its name implies – ODP – allows the user (or administrator if configuring from the Smart Control), the option to save data to certain folders while maintaining protection throughout the system. This technology allows SmartShield® to maintain our industry leading standard of computer protection against malware and ransomware. Selecting ODP will allow changes to a directory and all its files and sub-folders even when running protected.

Optional Directory Protection (ODP)