SmartShield CurrentWare

CurrentWare is the perfect companion to SmartShield, offering many of the technologies our customers have had to find from other vendors. The technologies match perfectly with SmartShield®’s mission of saving administrators time by bringing your computing environments under control. SmartShield® CurrentWare Suite includes BrowseControl, BrowseReporter, and AccessPatrol.

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Provides a proactive and efficient solution for securing company endpoints (USBs, CD/DVDs, BlueTooth devices, WiFi, iPods, etc) to prevent the illicit transfer of data to unauthorized devices.

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Easy to use internet management program that restricts inappropriate surfing and enforces internet usage policies across your enterprise.

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Browse Control

Browse Reporter

Powerful web-monitoring tool that allows you to monitor the browsing activity of your employees or students. It is a non-intrusive tool, running in stealth mode, without the users knowing that their systems are being monitored.

BrowseReporter captures the URLs of every visited web site. It includes a powerful reporting utility for generating tabular and graphical reports.

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