Jan Gossman

“The Bison Public Library has been using Centurion Tech/Smart Shield on their three (3) computers since 2000. Public libraries are very susceptible to patrons’ rearranging icons, downloading unwanted software and other forms of misuse. Centurion Tech SmartShield® protects those computers from the harm those patrons can do to public access computers. I would highly recommend Centurion Tech SmartShield® to be loaded on any public access computers; from libraries to clinics and any other places where computers can be used by the public. The cost is definitely well worth it to protect our computers. Definitely cheaper than having to replace computers harmed by patron’s abuse of the computers. I don’t know of any other program that serves this purpose of protection. We have children who use our computers to play games and videos online and when the computers are turned off, all that information is lost, which saves the memory of our computers. In short, I just can’t say enough about Centurion Tech SmartShield®.”