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Paul Barker Indianola Public Library
““Screen View helps me quickly identify when students need help and enables me to share student successes with the class. It’s a great product!””
John M. Hrizuk
““We love SmartShield® and all the time it saves us by not having to run around and fix machines that students have messed up unintentionally or otherwise and because it is transparent to the user.””
Kevin Gault
““We utilize the Screen View module in our IT office as well as the classrooms. It is helpful for our professors to be able to see a student’s desktop and assist them as they are working along in our labs. Our IT department uses Screen View to check to make sure that no one is... Read More
Joyce Godwin
““We have used products from Centurion Technologies® for about 10 years, after switching from another vendor. I have found Drive Shield easy to install and use. The best part about Drive Shield, though, is the security I feel in using it. As a public library with computers available for use by the public, we never... Read More
Bob DAndrea
““SmartShield® has been one of the best decisions I made here with the Diocese. It has saved us an immeasurable amount of money with computers no longer being altered to the point of having to have operating systems re-installed, and we have had zero virus attacks on machines with the Smartshield® installed. Early on I... Read More
Jan Gossman
““The Bison Public Library has been using Centurion Tech/Smart Shield on their three (3) computers since 2000. Public libraries are very susceptible to patrons’ rearranging icons, downloading unwanted software and other forms of misuse. Centurion Tech SmartShield® protects those computers from the harm those patrons can do to public access computers. I would highly recommend... Read More
Joan Henderson
““We have used Centurion Technologies to harden our public computers for almost a decade! As operating systems have changed we have upgraded our Centurion protection without hassle, and with minimal time involvement. Basically, we install it, and it does its job! With a small Library staff, Centurion is like an extremely reliable third hand! Excellent... Read More