Introduction to SmartShield Suite

Get the very best protection for your organization’s computer systems with the SmartShield® Suite. Our enterprise level product is the perfect solution for your organization, whether a large corporate organisation or small independent library, to protect and manage your valuable software systems.

The SmartShield® Suite comes with several unique benefits to defend your systems from unwanted attacks, while providing you with unparalleled control. SmartShield® Suite includes several features:

Hard Drive Protection

The system will automatically wipe away unwanted changes from your hard drive every time you reboot the system. This stops your hard drive from becoming corrupted by malware, viruses, malicious activity or accidental user error.

USB Blocking And Filtering

Keep your data and computer systems clean by blocking the downloading of content from any external storage devices. You can also prevent users from uploading sensitive information to external storage devices through this function; keeping your documents secure.

Make Changes Remotely

Make maintaining your entire IT infrastructure easier by utilizing the file transfer and remote execute features. Both of these allow your technical team to install and share documents, perform updates and install patches on any local machine from their terminal.

Schedule In Maintenance

Ensure your computer systems have the latest updates from Microsoft and other applications by automating the process. At the same time, you can schedule in an auto-shut down of all terminals from one location.

Easy To Troubleshoot

Need to aid your staff and teach them how to use a program? Then use the screenshare feature through SmartShield® to teach them remotely. During the process you can see and share the user’s desktop to help them learn new systems or solve technical problems.

Be Green

Want to be environmentally friendly and save money? Use the Energy Saver feature to generate accurate energy saver reports based on computer profiles and local energy costs.

Purchase the SmartShield® Suite now and protect and manage your organisation’s computer systems better than ever before.