Introduction To SmartShield® CurrentWare

Improve your computer systems with the perfect complement to our SmartShield® products. SmartShield® CurrrentWare software is ideal at preventing unauthorized access to websites and documents. There are several features which facilitate this powerful benefit and help you to maintain a quality computing infrastructure for all your users.


Keep your staff focused and prevent guests from accessing sites you don’t want them to. This feature allows you to permanently block sites from being accessed from any on your network and enforces your internet usage policies as you define them. There are several elements to this feature including:

  • Controlling who has access to the internet and who does not.
  • Two lists for which website can be accessed and which are restricted.
  • HTTPS filtering.
  • URL Category filtering.


See what your users are doing with the BrowserReport function. This allows you to check if your users are adhering to your internet usage policies. The tool tracks their activity and monitors the bandwidth being used. An auto-generated report is emailed to you directly if improper use of the internet occurs. Finally, should you require it; authorised personnel can take screenshots of what your users are doing from any computer.


In today’s world there are numerous external storage devices that can interface with your machines. Protecting your systems and the data they control is paramount. AccessPatrol gives you this power by offering a proactive solution for securing organisational endpoints to prevent unwanted transfer of sensitive data.

This feature allows you to control the access of any device, restricting it to only being able to read or write data or block the device entirely. You will also have access to usage reports which can be automatically emailed to relevant members of your organisation.


Effectively manage the power usage of your computer system by seeing where energy is being used and remotely shut down, restart, hibernate or place a computer on standby. This helps your organization to conserve energy and save money.

Get the ultimate package to improve your computing systems today and see how the extra protection saves you from unwanted system changes, energy usage and costs.