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Release Notes for v.2.1.9 - 12/6/2011

Note: It is strongly recommended to update the Smart Control before updating clients.

  • Client Microsoft SCCM compatibility
  • Energy Saver - Schedule daily shutdowns
  • Command line is now only available via ctsrcmd.exe
  • Monthly client action log
  • User lockdown controls for applications
  • Smart Control Preference to require Smart Control password to show the interface
  • Preference to require Smart Control password to access preferences
  • License groups created to support multiple client permissions
  • Rename client extended to 15 characters
  • Corrected tab order of Allowed Connectors form
  • Smart Control to Smart Control connections can now be made with DNS names
  • Preferences can be imported and exported
  • Corrected Update Source column in grid
  • Client Idle time column added
  • Smart Control can now be run by non-administrators
  • All suspended machines have yellow background and red text
  • Ability to block printing
  • Preference for enhanced communication across WAN for client machines
  • Schedules limited to 12 items per schedule
  • Known Issues This build has enhanced communications that allow machines that are behind a router and share an IP address to communicate/controlled by the Smart Control. Any clients that worked with 2.1.8 release or before will not be affected. Please contact Technical Support for questions.
  • Chat functionality does not work across the WAN
  • V-Control functionality does not work across the WAN


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