Release Notes v. | Next Generation Computer Security and Protection


  • Corrected Internationalization issue where line breaks were not recognized in the text.


  • Moved Maximum Duration of a schedule to the Fallback Section.
  • Root Node no longer displays like All Machines. (previously looked like SCRM was unresponsive as new machines were not added under root node)
  • New group menu now only allow creating group/sub-group when appropriate.
  • Newly created filter groups are now automatically selected and the filter results displayed.
  • File Transfer Manager close button added.
  • File Transfer Manger optimized to improve performance
  • New column for Stand Alone Key. Helps manage keys for customers with stand alone keys.
  • Added File Transfer as a schedule action
  • Assign Stand alone license from SCRM
  • Change client row text color two red if last contact with SCRM more than 15 days.
  • Change client row back ground color to yellow in no contact to SCRM for 28 days. License will suspend soon.
  • Port usage changes
  • Schedule action remote execute file update warning.
  • File Transfer Preference validation corrected.
  • Alphabetize schedule listing.


  • User Keyboard and mouse control can by toggled on and off with button on the screen viewer.
  • V-Control runs before login allowing users to remotely log into the computer

Windows Update

  • In the event that windows update fails command to clear the logon image.


  • Changed the remove text to reflect "Removing Smart Shield" when uninstalling


  • Command Line option to remove stand alone key with password "clearlicense"
  • Windows Update time entry dropdown error corrected.
  • Once Daily Reboot Install/disabled value corrected
  • Chat GUI crash fixed
  • Correction to stop Checkdisk
  • Password to view GUI setting/One time password entry.
  • New USB Class "Vendor Specific" -- currently implemented to block USB Ethernet devices


Technical Support

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