Release Notes v. | Next Generation Computer Security and Protection
  • CHANGED ALL CLIENT GUI PATH TO C:Program FilesCenturionClient
  • Fixed bug with IPv6 that caused CPU to consume 100% of the processor. When the IP address changed, additional listeners were added and the old ones were not removed.
  • Fixed a bug with IP communication between the SCRM service and SCRM GUI that would cause the SCRM GUI to go unresponsive.
  • MSI installer available
  • Removed the Filtering functionality (Replaced by group filters)
  • Made changes to work with CheckPoint™ Software
  • Setting and instructions for moving Smart Control Resource Manager™
  • Option to run specific windows update level.
  • Screen View Informational screens for user status
  • Exclude "All Users" directory bug fixed.
  • Group Filters can now be nested visually, this does not effect the functionality.
  • Added wildcard *.csv to load all existing csv files during export.
  • Validate the KBMouse unlock phrase less than 18 characters
  • SCRM Rename machine, placed length limit of 11 characters on the base name.
  • Keep Zone GUI Bug is corrected
  • Debug Generator in "About" section - Fixed bug and added Quick option
  • Command Line switch to ctsrcmd.exe
    • Current Protection
    • Change Smart Control
    • Block Keyboard and mouse
  • Changed the Windows Update log file naming convention to *.wu.log
  • Added Group Filtering Option for client Version
  • Added Ability for user to cancel scheduled delay Reboot/Shutdown
  • Machines and Groups deleted form a Smart Control will be shown in all SCRM to SCRM connections
  • Windows Updates Tab in client Properties
  • Scheduling issue with Delayed Reboot and Delayed Shutdown now allowing enough time for the action to execute before going to the fallback state. The calculation has been corrected to allow ample time.
  • Enhanced the Screen View start and stop buttons.
  • Fixed extra logging for client machines during a schedule
  • Debug Generator now has a "quick" option.
  • Creation of a toolbar for add on modules.
  • SCRM Preferences for cleaning up log files.
  • File Transfer from SCRM to Client

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