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SmartShield® Computer Protection for Healthcare

People trust doctors with their lives, but what about their personal information. Computers hold so much valuable information and are now easily hacked. In today’s world the accidental leakage of personal information can seriously harm a patient. Centurion Technologies wishes to offer you the ideal security solution; SmartShield® and SmartControl; the perfect tools for keeping PHI (Protected Health Information) secure and protecting patients’ privacy. SmartShield®, in addition, helps assist the Healthcare industry with HIPPAA Compliancy. SmartShield® can be placed on computers for nurses, doctors, computers on carts, and shared devices.

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Stealth Mode

  • Your users will never have to know our software is running in the background

Advanced USB Blocking

  • Select up to 18 classes of USB devices to block.

Machine Control

  • Hide the control panel and registry, block the command line and access to the task manager to make it difficult for even temporary changes to be made.

Persistent Storage Access

  • Grant access to certain areas of your hard drive for users to save their work while protecting sensitive areas from change.

Keyboard and Mouse Blocking

  • Disable keyboard and mouse so you can conduct troubleshooting tasks or restrict access so you can complete necessary updates and installs.

Group Policies and Profiles

  • SmartShield® and SmartControl work with your group policies and profiles, but can lessen your reliance on them and work when they fail.