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SmartShield® Computer Protection for Government

SmartShield®, in conjunction with the SmartControl Resource Manager server software, enables network administrators to easily maintain their workstation security and keep their network protected. With SmartShield® protection enabled, all changes made to a machine are removed upon system restart. This makes unwanted system changes an impossibility. SmartShield® simplifies administrators’ lives by reducing downtime, streamlining management and providing complete protection from Malware and malicious users—all in a single, easy to use product.

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Maintain System Integrity

  • Today's employees rely on their workstations to stay productive. Employees can't get work done if their systems don't stay up and running. SmartShield® keeps employee workstations free of Malware, as well as, the general configuration drift that occurs from employees tweaking system settings and configurations. With SmartShield® protection, administrators will spend less time maintaining computers.

Absolute Control from a Centralized Location

  • SmartControl Resource Manager lets administrators run updates, change settings and control protection status from a single, centralized location.

Easy Workstation Inventory Management and Reporting

  • SmartControl Resource Manager allows administrators to easily view all aspects of machines on their network from a single location. Advanced reporting options including filtering and .csv exporting allow for simple, intuitive inventory management.