SmartShield is Featured in Computer World Magazine

Centurion Technologies’ SmartShield product was given an honorable mention last week in Computer World magazine. The article, written by , states:

“With Windows SteadyState moribund, and given the current Microsoft recommendation to hack together a PC lockdown solution through group policy and robust reimaging when things go south, my view is that it is time to look at third-party solutions that actually achieve what we want directly without trying to piece it together with other parts.

A great third-party solution to help implement a steady state deployment is SmartShield, from Centurion Technologies. (Note: I have no financial relationship with this vendor other than as a paying user of their software.) Centurion itself has been around since 1996 and it has been playing in the steady state game ever since. SmartShield is its product and the mantra is “reboot to restore,” in which you simply reboot to erase all changes made to a computer and restore it to a fixed point where everything was working.”

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