Optional Directory Protection (ODP) is now available

Centurion Technologies is excited to announce this new technology which is one of three new SmartShield Suite features to be released in 2012. Feedback from loyal customers inspired our engineers to devote over a years worth of intense research and development to achieve a level of technology to institute this unique add-on feature. Optional Directory Protection or ODP revolutionizes our reboot/restore technology into a more flexible and user friendly experience.

What is Optional Directory Protection?

ODP does what its name implies. It allows the user or administrator of the Smart Shield clients the option to save data to a specified directory or folder while maintaining protection on the system.

Most importantly, this all-new technology is performed at the kernel level, allowing Smart Shield to maintain our industry leading standard of protection. Selecting ODP will allow changes to a directory and all its files and sub-folders even when running protected. Click or call us for more information