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About Us

Centurion Technologies® is a leading provider of workstation security management software and the innovator of Reboot/Restore Hard Drive Protection technology. Centurion Technologies® has been providing advanced malware protection for education, public library, enterprise, government, healthcare, banking and home environments worldwide. Centurion Technologies has over 2+ million licenses worldwide.

Centurion Technologies® concept is to make computing easy and secure. Our goal is to protect against all types of malware as well as ALL unwanted changes - keeping your computer in the same pristine condition as when you first pulled it out of the box.

SmartShield® endpoint protection creates a virtual space where all unwanted changes are wiped away upon reboot, freeing the user to perform daily tasks without compromising the integrity of the system. Whether managing computers in a school, library, corporate, government, healthcare, banking, or home environment, SmartShield® will provide the ultimate security for your user workstations and protection against system breaches.

SmartControl Resource Manager allows you to centrally manage all the features of your SmartShield® clients without having to leave your desk. Customize how you run your organization, save time, money, and resources by automating mundane IT chores. Many of your daily responsibilities and troubleshooting can now be handled from a remote location or even scheduled to run on their own.